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Since the formation of Telangana, the police department has undergone a significant transformation at all levels. In a bid to render police services effectively, and to prevent & detect crime swiftly the Hyderabad City Police embraced technological advancements through numerous IT projects, apps, gadgets and CCTV projects.

To strategically plan, execute, and monitor these IT initiatives, officers ranging from PC rank to Inspector rank were tasked to start functioning as an informal IT cell in 2014. Despite their integral role, the IT cell operated without official sanction as a distinct unit within HCP. Over the years, the landscape evolved with the introduction of new applications and teams like TSCOP, TECDATUM,  E-office, Online licensing system, CCTNS, E-petty cases, Fitcop, Website & Multimedia teams, Data Analysis Unit etc., and numerous procurements, the three CCTV projects: Safe City, Smart City and Nenusaitham , IT dependency in all units, inter & intra department correspondence have each led to increased workload.

In response to the escalating demands and evolving responsibilities, the state Government took a pivotal step in 2023. Recognizing the critical role played by the IT cell in ensuring the seamless integration of technology in policing, a separate special wing was sanctioned and officially designated as the IT cell within the reorganized ((G.O.Ms 32) Hyderabad City Police Commissionerate. State Government sanctioned a total strength of 243 which includes 4 CIs, 14 SIs, 07 ASIs, 18 HCs, 200PCs.

Officer Photo

Smt. K. Shilpavalli

Dy Commissioner of Police, (SMIT)
Landline:040-24526600, 27854734

This newly established unit is staffed with officers, each specializing in various facets of information technology and are instrumental in maintaining the backend operations of the IT infrastructure of the City Police, ensuring the smooth functioning of various technological systems, and tackling all field level issues pertaining to CCTVs, internal internet networks, and hardware, trainings etc., Beyond their backend responsibilities, the IT cell is at the forefront of citizen services ,offering innovative interfaces that bridge the gap between law enforcement and the citizens. Notably it also houses the Social Media Monitoring & Operations teams which receives various types of grievances through different social media platforms & whatsapp helpline and liaise with SHOs, and senior officers for grievance redressal.

Notably, the IT cell takes direct responsibility for the oversight and management of lakhs of CCTVs strategically placed throughout the city. This includes real-time monitoring, data analysis, integrating the feeds to the Telangana State Police Integrated Command & Control Center and providing actionable intelligence. The IT cell also has other key sub-unit called D-CAMO(Drones & Camera Maintenance Organisation) that over sees CCTV procurements, CCTV repairs, drone deployments for major events etc.  The IT cell has become a major contributor to the city's safety, leveraging CCTVs surveillance network & advanced IT & ITES technologies.


H. Prabhakar

Mobile No



Inspector of Police


G. Srinivas Varma

Mobile No



Inspector of Police


C. Vishal

Mobile No



Inspector of Police


S.No Name Mobile Number / Landline E-Mail Id
 1 IT Cell Helpline 8712661111 / 040-27857792 itcell-hyd@tspolice.gov.in

S.No Name of the Officer Rank Mobile Number
1 P. Vara Lakshmi  Sub-Inspector of Police(Admin I/c) 8712660784
G. Vijay Raju Sub-Inspector of Police (HRMS) 8712571451
3 G. Bharath Kumar Reddy Sub-Inspector of Police (D-CAMO  CCTV ) 8712660790
4 C. Ramanjaneyulu   Sub-Inspector of Police (Website & Multimedia Unit) 8712660787
5 A. Sneha Varsha Sub-Inspector of Police ( R&D ) 8712660791
6 S. Keerthi Reddy Sub-Inspector of Police (C-DATA) 8712660794
7 M. Swapna Sub-Inspector of Police (Social Media Unit ) 8712660792
8 B. Nikitha Sagar Sub-Inspector of Police (Applications) 8712660785
9 S. Pratap Sub-Inspector of Police (D-CAMO CCTV ) 8712660783
10 S. Sruthi  Sub-Inspector of Police 8712660776
11 Ch.  Sunny RSI (D-CAMO DRONES) 8712661365

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