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Commissisoner's Task Force

Why wait ? Join the Crime Buster Brigade to make our Place Safe

  Task Force - Hyderabad City Police Commissionerate

In the days of heightened Rowdyism, Mafia and Communal Tensions in the city, fore fathers of City Police thought that a specialized force is essential in Hyderabad city to strengthen the hands of the Commissioner of Police and establish durable peace. As a result, some special duty teams were formed on 1-1-1981. It was reconstituted as Commissionerís Task force in the year 1985 Subsequently It was declared as Police Station on 30-08-1996

Now the Task Force is a well developed institution which has been safeguarding the Hyderabadis from all subversive elements, mafia, gangsters and all other notorious criminals. It is needless to say now that the name Task Force sends chills down through the spine of all wrong doers in the city.

  What does the Task Force do?
It was Specialized in conducting Raids, Searches and Seizures
It has the professional competence in apprehending criminals involved serious offences and also in detection of important Crimes likes Murders, Dacoities, Robberies, Extortion, Kidnappings, Land Grabbing and other organized crimes.
It has an excellent track record in curbing Rowdyism in Hyderabad City by nabbing communal offenders and rowdy elements.
It continuously hounds the ISI, Illegal Immigrants and Maoists in the city.
Task force plays a crucial role in all sensational and critical law and order issues.
It is a Quick Reaction Team in all sensational and major events Ganesh , Moharam, Bhonalu and other grave Law and Order situations.
How can you help Task Force?
By informing about all the above crimes

Any Complaints - Contact Us

Inspectors of all Zones - Task Force

North Sri. A.P.Anand Kumar 9490616 640
East Sri. Ch. Sridhar 9490616 235
West Vacant 9490616 630
South Sri. K.Surya Prakash Rao 9490616 631
Central Sri. A.Bhasker 9490616 750
By joining the network of informants( very challenging and a sacred duty of any citizen)
By sharing your concerns.
By not approaching Rowdies and Goondas for the settlement of your disputes.
By keeping a watch on all criminal elements/suspects in your locality Suspecting crime
 Be a Crime Buster
Know Your Task Forcers

Task force is divided into two districts

District - 1  comprises of North, West and Central Zones. This is headed by Dy. Commissioner of Police, Task Force-1

District - 2  comprises of  South  and East Zones. This is headed by the Dy. Commissioner of Police, Task Force-2

1. Sri.  B.Limba Reddy, Dy. Commissioner of Police-I Task Force 27854649, 27840934 9490616627
2 Sri.  N. Koti Reddy Reddy, Addl. Dy. Commissioner of Police-II Task Force 27854648, 27840935 9490616628
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