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detective department


  • To check the growing crime, a post of Naib Kotwal Jerayam was created in 1934 during Nizam’s period in Hyderabad city police. Crime’s wing has undergone a lot of changes since then like emerging as Crime branch and later as Detective Department in 1981.
  • This wing primarily looks into detection, successful investigation and prosecution of all sensational crimes and white collar offences in Hyderabad city. Detective Department has jurisdiction all over Hyderabad City.
  • Detective Department is headed by an officer not below the rank of Dy. Commissioner of Police, works under the guidance of Addl. C.P. Crimes & SIT, Hyderabad City.
  • He is also assisted by one Addl. Dy. Commissioner of Police, 6 Asst. Commissioners of Police, 18 Inspectors of Police, 47 Sub-Inspectors of Police, 59 Head Constables, and 104 Constables.

1. Central Crime Station
Central Crime Station is a Police station and SHO is none other than the Dy. Commissioner of Police, Detective Department, Hyderabad.
Although the CCS is a police station, it only takes up the investigation of following cases as per the circular issued in 2003
• All economic offences (more than Rs. 30 Lakhs)
• All sensational property offences

           Thefts (more than Rs. 15 Lakhs)
           HBs (more than Rs. 10 Lakhs)
           All Robberies
• All cases of Murder for Gain
• Sensational cases of Murder
• Major Passport and Visa frauds
• Fake document rackets
• Any other Sensational White Collar Offences.

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How Does the CCS register cases?
 • Only after the approval of the Commissioner of Police, Hyderabad
 • Referred by the courts U/s 156(3) Cr.P.C.
 • Re-registration of cases transferred from the zones on the orders of the Commissioner of Police.
 • Registration of SIT cases.

In Central Crime Station the following teams headed by the Inspector of Police for each team investigate the cases entrusted by the Dy. Commissioner of Police Detective Department.

1. White Collar offences Team – 1 2. White Collar offences Team – II 3. White Collar offences Team - III
4. White Collar offences Team - IV 5. White Collar offences Team - V 6. North Zone Team
7. South Zone Team 8. East Zone Team 9. West Zone Team
10. Central Zone Team 11. Automobile Team 12. Anti Dacoity & Robbery Team
13. Anti Homicide Team
  • Special Investigation Team, Hyderabad was formed in the year 1991 vide G.O.M.S No.404, dt.27/06/1991 to investigate the cases of communal incidents occurred in Hyderabad.
  • SIT also investigates all terror related offences.
  • SIT is presently headed by one Asst. Commissioner of Police, assisted by 4 Inspectors, 12 Sub-Inspectors, 12 Head Constables, 12 constables.
One Women Police Station works under the D.C.P. Detective Department headed by the Inspector of Police, assisted by 3 Sub-Inspectors, 16 Head Constables, and 37 Constables.
  • It covers the jurisdiction over 3 Law & Order Zones i.e. East, West & Central.
  • It investigates all cases relating to the women and it provides counselling to the victims and couples by the trained counsellors
•  CCRB was established in the year 1953 as per AP Police Manual.

•  CCRB is responsible for maintaining records of crime and criminals of the Hyderabad City.

• CCRB collects, collates and disseminates information / intelligence related to crime and criminals by furnishing the required statistical information.

•  CCRB has seven sections each headed by SI and assisted by HC and PC and ministerial staff.

•  Important Records maintained by the Bureau.

1. Dossiers of confirmed criminals.
2. Cards for other criminals and suspects.
3. Photographs of criminals.
4. MO Index.
5. Criminal Gangs Files.
6. Crime Chart of Hyderabad City.
7. Daily Crime & Occurrence Sheets.
8. Monthly Comparative Statement.

• Information regularly furnished

i.  Quarterly, Half Yearly and Annual Returns
ii.  LAQ’s, RSQ’s, LSQ’s as per given proforma from time to time
iii. Miscellaneous information.


The Finger Print Unit, Hyderabad city was established in the year 1971 and Automated Finger Print Identification System (FACTS) was installed in the year 1999.
  • It is headed by 1 Inspector and 4 SI s.
  • Photo Section is part of Mobile Investigation Unit which includes FP unit. It works round the clock. Preserving Crime Scene  


  • Juvenile bureau was established in Hyderabad City in the year 1958 vide G.O.RT NO.338 Home Police B Department.
  •  It works under the control of Commissioner of Police, Hyderabad.
  •  The Aims and Objects of the bureau are to study and deal with the problems of the Juveniles.
  • It arranges Patrols, conduct periodical raids at Railway stations, Bus Stations, Public Places in the City round off stray, destitute children who ran away from their houses.
  • The bureau sends such children to correctional institutions and Government observation Homes for Boys and Girls after producing them before the Juvenile Court.
  •  Juvenile Bureau has One Sub-Inspector & Four Constables.


  • Reconstruction of the crime scene.
  • Identifying the physical evidence.
  • Collection, preservation, packing & forwarding the physical evidence for further analysis.
  • Assisting the I.O. in crime scene sketch and in writing letter of advice.
  • Recording the scene of offence and guiding the I.O. In all the above steps.  Preserving Crime Scene  


  • Deputy Commissioner of Police, Detective Department is the Nodal Officer.
  • All I.T. related works such as Networking, Hardware, Software etc are being taken care by this team.
  • Comprises of 5  Police Constables for each zone  having I.T. knowledge.
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