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Mobile App For Online Police Report for Loss of Articles/Documents

As a part of Citizen Friendly Policing Services, Hyderabad City Police takes one more step forward by launching a Mobile App "Hyderabad City Police-Lost Report" to facilitate Citizens of Hyderabad City for reporting to police about loss of Document(s)/Articles(s) Lost/Missed and obtaining a digitally signed report online from Police for applying duplicate document(s)/claiming insurance of article(s) lost/missed their Mobiles (Cell Phones). These digitally signed Police Reports are issued to citizens online only in cases of lost/missing items which don't amount to crime and where no FIRs are required to be registered.

Existing Process to get Police Report on Lost/Missing Articles/Documents

Presently, the People of Hyderabad City are applying for Police Report through Mee-Seva Centers by paying certain service charges. The complaint will be sent to the Police through online by Mee-Seva Centre(s) for further course of action. The concerned Police Station will physically interact with the complainant and verify the information furnished by the complainant and approve for issue of Report. The complainant has to go Mee-Seva Centre for collection Police Report which is Digitally Signed after a week days. Since this process is cumbersome and time consuming, the people are facing lot of inconvenience to obtain a Police Report for the document(s)/article(s) lost/missed. By keeping in view of the above scenario, Hyderabad City Police have developed and implemented a Mobile App "Hyderabad City Police-Lost Report" to facilitate easy issue of Police Report to the Citizens in respect of loss of Documents/Articles. With the help of this App, the Citizen can directly file a report to the Police online without going to the Police Station or Mee-Seva Centre. The Police will register all the details furnished by the Citizens through the App and issue a report which is Digitally Signed online within 3 days. The Citizen can download the report issued by the Police into their Mobiles. Further, a copy of the report will be sent to the concerned registered email-id of the complainant. This App is helpful in saving lot of effort and time of Citizens.

Process to get Police Report through this App:

  • Citizens to download the App, first into their Mobiles.
  • User has to register himself/herself in the App for enabling them to report to police online about loss of Articles/Documents.
  • User can report for multiple documents(s)/Article(s).
  • After entry of all the details, the user can submit details and get receipt of Confirmation into the mobiles thorough App and also to the respective email-ID.
  • A Nodal Officer, in the rank of Addl. DCP Crimes will receive all the Complaints.
  • The Addl. DCP Crimes will designate an Officer to verify the veracity of the Complaint and will approve or reject the Report.
  • If approved, the user will immediately receive Digitally Signed Police Report through App & Registered Email.
  • If rejected, reasons for rejection will be received through e- mail.
  • Time required to issue/reject report will take maximum 3 working days.

Back Ground Verification Process to Approve/Reject the Request by Police

  • For Issuance/Rejection of ReportCitizens to download the App, first into their Mobiles.
  • Hyderabad City Police will compare the details of individual with Aadhar details and other details provided in the complaint.User has to register himself/herself in the App for enabling them to report to police online about loss of Articles/Documents.
  • Verification with Criminal Records is also available with Police User can report for multiple documents(s)/Article(s).

Authentication to the User Departments to check Genuineness of the Police Report:

  • Hyderabad City Police is providing individual user logins to the all user departments.
  • Through this login, the user departments can check the veracity of the Genuineness of the Report.
  • User Departments can access the authentication data through a link "Lost Articles Report" available in Hyderabad City Police Website.

Highlights of the Report

  • This Report is Digitally Signed Document.
  • Report will have Photo of the Applicant which is provided in Aadhar Database.
  • Report will have Aadhar Number and Name mentioned in Aadhar Card
  • Report will have unique verification Key No for any future reference.

How to Download

Search for   "Hyderabad Police"   or    "Hyderabad Police Lost Report"   in Google Play Store or Apple APP Store.

Services offered in First Phase

Hyderabad City Police will issue Police Reports in case the following document(s)/article(s) are lost / missed:
1. Aadhar Card 2. Bank Pass Book 3. Bank Cheque Books 4. Bond Certificate
5. Camera 6. Cell Phones 7. Computer 8. Debit Card
9. Credit Card 10. Driving License 11. ID Card Government Organisation 12. ID Card Private Sector
13. ID Card College 14. ID Card School 15. I-Pad 16. Laptop
17. Marks Memo 18. Pan Card 19. Postal Pass Book 20. Share Certificate
21. SIM Card 22. Tablet (TAB. 23. Transfer Certificate 24. Vehicle Fitness Certificate
25. Vehicle Insurance 26. Vehicle RC 27. Voter ID.

Benefits to the Citizens

  • Citizens need not go to Police Station to file a Complaint for any lost Articles/Documents to get Police Report.
  • This is a free App, there is no need pay any charges
  • Cost & Time saving to Citizens
  • All services are available with mobile phone


  • This Mobile App is meant for reporting only in case of misplaced / lost Articles / documents in Hyderabad City only which is not a crime and does not entail registration of FIR as per law.
  • In case, loss is due to theft or any other crime, the citizens are advised to approach concerned Police Station whose crime has occurred for registration of FIR and further investigation.
  • Whoever furnishes false information is liable for prosecution.
  • This report is issued purely for the purpose of obtaining a Duplicate Document / Claiming insurance whoever required

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