Citizen Satisfaction Feedback Services

The feedback system aims at taking a feedback directly from the citizens through telephonic communication from all those citizens who seek/avail/get impacted with the Police services from time to time including the petitioners, complainants etc. ..

As a part of the Governments vision to transform Telangana State Police into a Citizen Friendly and Responsive Police, Hyderabad City Police has initiated a system of Citizen Satisfaction Feedback Services

the department started taking feedback from Citizens directly by calling them on the following services

Reception/ Front Office Services when citizens visits Police Stations.

Citizen Petition handling at Police Stations

Handling end-to-end FIR and Investigation Process based on citizen�s complaint

Passport Verification & Clearance

We are getting feedback from the following services under this feedback system

  • Passport Verification
  • Petitioners Report
  • Traffic Management
  • Emergency Response Management including the services of Patrol Cars and Blue Colts
  • Community Policing
  • Crime Prevention
  • Court Work and Prosecution of offenders
  • Leading to enhancement of Community Safety and Security
  • Police Services delivered through Mee-Seva
  • Employees Satisfaction Report

The major objectives of this initiative are:

Determine overall citizen satisfaction with various services provided by Police

Identify citizens perceptions of Key areas of weaknesses & strengths

Measure& prioritize areas where improvement will most affect Citizen satisfaction

The system works as follows

A set of professionals are hired from the market who have expertise/experience in Call Centre Services and are stationed at Police Commissionerate Head quarters

These professionals contact about 20% of Citizens (at random) who have sought/availed/been impacted by Police services by making a telephonic call to the numbers provided by them at the time of their interface with Police

A set of standard questions have been framed to assess the Citizen Satisfaction levels including the areas of gaps and improvements required in our service delivery

Feedback, so obtained will be analyzed and appropriate measures will be taken for improving the Service Delivery standards to achieve better citizen satisfaction

The feedback so analyzed will be collated each Police Station/Sub-Unit wise and communicate to the Police Stations/Sub-Units in a transparent manner periodically once in a month

The concerned incharges of the Sub-Units will in turn share the feedback with all the staff in their Sub-Units and take measures for the continual improvement in the services rendered by them

The Citizen Satisfaction ratings will be the basis for the performance appraisal of the concerned officers in addition to other criteria

The identity of the citizens who have shared their feedback will be strictly kept confidential and will not be shared with the field level officers